I have spoken at top software sales’ events in the U.S. and Canada about:

  • retail ERP;
  • global supply chain; and
  • general business improvement topics.

When I reported directly to several high profile CEO’s, and scripted their public annual shareholders’ addresses, financial roadshow pitches (one tour raised US $220 million in 10 days), and remarks to senior management and staff (5 to 10,000 attendees).

I’ve also spoken to associations, and at charitable events.

My keynote, Leadership For Your Life,  is based on the stories and lessons I’ve learned after working with leaders — Richard Branson, Jimmy Pattison, Paul Demarais, and others.  I share anecdotes of how they were able to bring people together.  And the ways they used their organizations to improve the quality of life for their employees.

I’ll be happy to send you a list of other business topics that I cover.


Book Marketing

I’ve spoken to Big 5 publishers, small to mid-size publishers, book retailers, and self-publishers on book marketing topics.  I’ve been a featured speaker, sat on panels, and spoken at:

  • IBPA Publishing U
  • BookCampTO
  • BookExpo Canada
  • and at other events.

To find out about book marketing webinars I give to private membership groups, or at online publishing industry events, please contact me directly.


Energy for Your Life 

My Energy programs and workshops have helped thousands of people understand how to quickly and effectively change the way they use their energy.  This goes beyond subtle energy into helping folks make better life and lifestyle choices.  

I have partnered with Udemy.com, and have begun to convert my live workshops to online video course formats.  I currently do a limited number of live Energy workshops.

Future Video Workshops

Energy for Your Life:  Seven Energy Giving Habits’ video workshops will soon be available. I’ll also create online courses based on my bestsellers:  Be Positive and Think Positive.

To get more information about my current and upcoming Udemy courses, contact me and sign up for my email list (sign up box at top right of page).


julia hidy   (at)   gmail



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