Quality speakers and topics they cover can inspire your employees, attendees or group.

I’m able to make your event memorable for all the right reasons.  I’ve spoken at world-class live events with 200 to 10,000 attendees.

I’ve also given talks and/or written speeches or presentations for CEO’s and C-level to senior management, top tier partners, at to land new business.

I can share perspectives with your group or team that will:

  • give them new perspectives and ways to improve their and company performance; and
  • stay focused and positive longer to get better results.

As the leading speechwriter to Fortune and Financial Post 500 ranked Presidents and C-level management, I’m able to do what few professional speakers can do:  I can speak to your group on current topics and customize my remarks to your event’s theme, and to your specific market and vertical.

Here are a few examples of professional speaking talks I have given.



Top software developers have to be and stay on the leading edge of technology. To remain relevant, management and firms also have to run their he business that software developers I have spoken at top software sales’ events and conferences in the U.S. and Canada on:

  • retail ERP trends;
  • leading edge marketing for small to large technology developers; and
  • how to get superior local, regional, national and international media coverage.



As well as writting speeches for high profile CEO’s, I’ve also scripted their shareholder and media comments, including annual general shareholders’ meetings (Molsons and several others).  I’ve also developed and refined high value presentations for:

  • new sales’ presentations;
  • financial roadshows to raise market capital ($10 million to $220 million);
  • senior management regarding mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and for executives about to launch new company-wide or staff-wide initiatives; and
  • presentations to staff and business partners (5 to 10,000 attendees).


Associations, Educational and Charitable Events

I’ve spoken at association and charitable events, as well as to students at various educational institutions (K to 12 to Universities.

I’ve also been a keynote or featured workshop leader at adult learning centers, such as The Learning Annex and online at Udemy.com.  A few of my peaking topics include:

  • Leadership For Your Life;
  • The New Now for Your Team; and
  • Redefining Entrepreneurialism.

I’ll be happy to send you a list of business topics that I cover.


Book Marketing

With five bestselling Amazon.com books, I am a speaker at top U.S. and Canadian book publishing events and conferences.  I’ve spoken to Big 5 publishers.  I’ve also been a speaker at the Independent Book Publishing Association’s (IBPA) annual U.S. event.  Since 2001, I’ve also given workshops to and run webinars for benefit self-publishers, writers and small publishers.

I’ve spoken top events such as:

  • BookCampTO
  • BookExpo Canada
  • PodcampTO
  • and at other events.

To find out about my current book marketing webinars, please contact me directly.


Now Time and Energy for Your Life 

My Now Time and Energy programs and workshops have helped thousands of people effectively change and improve the ways they use their energy.   

Recently, I’ve begun to partner with the leading online learning provider, Udemy.com (4.1 million students in over 100 countries).  I will convert my live workshops to online video courses.  My number of live Energy for Your Life workshops I give are limited these days.

For more information about my speaking topics and schedule, contact me here or via the sign up box at the top of this page.


julia hidy   (at)   gmail