My programs and workshops have helped thousands of people understand how to quickly and effectively change the way they use their energy.  This goes beyond subtle energy into helping them make better life and lifestyle choices.  I help them see and actualize that there are  many more ways they can improve the way they use their energy — at home, work and in their communities.    

During my career, I’ve written speeches for and consulted one-on-one with presidents of Global Fortune 500 firms and Financial Post 100 firms.  I helped them identify and mix the secret sauce so they could bring teams together and achieve results far beyond their business plans.

As a professional speaker, I’ve been the keynote at corporate and industry events.  Audiences range from a room of C-level executives to 10,000 for a breakfast meeting.  I can customize messages to match your current business plans and strategic goals.

What I do best is to give people new perspectives  on how to renew and restore their zest for life and sense of purpose by using their energy, thoughts and emotions better.  I’ve helped re-energize staff and management after takeovers, mergers and large scale changes. I’ve also worked with top associations and charities.

Leadership For Your Life

What I specialize in is finding ways to bring all stakeholders into agreement and/or alignment with the true direction they are taking so the real work can get done – faster, better and with superior results overall.  Are they saying one thing, but doing activities that will take them off track? Are their goals in tandem with the people who will run their programs?  What kind of culture is being reinforced? 

My programs help people, at all levels, become better leaders.  Whether it’s as the head of your business, department, project, team, family, community or group.  When you can lead, you will get better results for yourself.  When you can lead a team effectively, you have an opportunity to become a better person, partner, listener, colleague and contributor.

My programs are designed to help your organization move to the next level of personal, internal and external engagement based on the way you lead your life, organization and people.

My keynote, Leadership For Your Life,  is based on the stories and lessons learned from great leaders I’ve had the pleasure to work with — Richard Branson, Jimmy Pattison, Paul Demarais and others.  I saw how they’d bring people together.  Or avert disasters.  They showed me  how easy it is to positively change the course of the lives of their employees based on simple but effective leadership skills and philosophies.

Publishing and Book Industry Topics

I’m also a traditional and self-publishing expert and have been a featured speaker at BookExpo Canada.  I’ve also given publishers workshops at IBPA’s Publishers’ U in New York, BookCampTO, PodcampTO and co-produced and gave webinars for TheSelfPublishingConference.com.

I also regularly give webinars on topics that will help authors, writers and self-publishers use technology better and achieve better results in their businesses.

Self-Help and Motivation

My “Instant Energy” workshops can be shard with live groups or via webinars.

Energy for Your Life:  Seven Energy Giving Habits’ workshops are also available.

There will also soon be workshops ready for Be Positive, Think Positive, and my other books in the Energy series.


To find out about how I can help your company or group change the way they use their energy, become better leaders, and for a full list of my speaking topics, one sheets and fees, please contact me at:

julia hidy   (at)   gmail



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