Beyond Recessionary Thinking

For many, recessionary economic times are a challenging, perhaps even sobering time.  It may even feel hard to do business.

For others, recessions can be a time to thrive and get better business results – even when others in the same business vertical or category are challenged.

All of us can think out-of-the-box.  The problem is that few companies actually do this.  It’s the creative gems that will redefine what, how and when you share your messages, and why your message will ‘stick’ and activate curiosity and action, when others’ campaigns are ignored or purposely passed over.

I’ve worked with top entrepreneurs who ‘have it all’ — materially.  I’ve worked with them during recessions and saw how they conducted themselves and led their businesses into new territory.  All of them were unafraid to try new things to set their businesses apart.

The difference between companies who thrive or not in a recession is that the company will change and modify what it does to suit the new paradigms – rather than plod along as if nothing is, has, or will happen.

As a marketer, it’s during recessions that benchmarks have to be changed to activities that genuinely receive attention and action.  Most marketers think that they are receiving attention for their campaigns.  But the fact is, they may be receiving attention, but it may not be the right kind of attention.


Ask the Right Questions to Get the Right Answers

I’ve successfully helped my employers and clients through recessions.  I’ve been able to ask the right marketing questions and gotten much better results than planned.  I’ve also been able to move companies and products without a meaningful market presence into the forefront of their industries.

But I asked questions that made the most meaningful difference for THEIR clients and purchasers.  Then, I designed my campaigns so that the companies were able to be perceived in ways that were compelling.

It didn’t matter to me that these companies’ competitors had larger budgets, or higher perceived profile in the industry. Or that competitors could take out more ads, and had more or slicker sales people.

My marketing campaigns were designed to trigger action in the reader – and to help them quickly decide that they had to know more to get the product or service.  It sounds so simple and basic.  And I can tell you that 98% of marketers miss this or don’t get it right.

That’s because it’s about asking the right questions.

I know how to position products so that your company will be seen as product gold.  That’s because the marketing message will be filled with marketing gold.  I ask:

  • How can I convey that your product or service campaign is really an “opportunity in disguise” for your new client, purchaser or prospect?
  • What can be done to position and set your product ahead of your competitors – even with a smaller budget, fewer resources and less sales?

The key is to not be similar to your competitors, but to find every deal or product point where you are better than them, and play up each strength in the most compelling ways.

At times, it’s best to only highlight only one strength in a campaign.  During other campaigns, you may want to present a laundry list of benefits.  Only do the laundry list type of campaign after you have built a solid foundation of awareness for the other benefits.


Fully-integrated Campaigns 

Another key:  only ever do fully-integrated marketing campaigns.  Sending out one universal marketing message can be useful.  But it’s either going to become boring to prospects, or you’re message is going to be grayed out when they see a page or your logo.

It’s far better to create campaigns that get attention for all the right reasons.  It’s not as much about whittling away prospect resistance as it is about saying the right thing(s) to get the right response.  That way, all of your marketing activities will become an active part of your firm’s sales’ funnel.

before really doesn’t relate to your other campaigns is like sending one person rather than a team to the top of Everest.  It’s dangerous and you might make it.  But it’s more likely you won’t.

Here’s to finding out that the greatest challenges in life can also be the truly most enjoyable.  And for moving beyond challenges into a place of pure and unfettered simplicity.

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About Julia Hidy

Julia Hidy is a consultant to leading B2B and B2C technology developers, firms and entrepreneurs. She has set up and run highly successful marketing and lead generation programs in the U.S., Canada and globally. Her clients have won U.S. national awards and received major media coverage. Julia's agency,, develops and runs fully-integrated multi-media sales, marketing, communications, PR, social media, and digital and print advertising plans for her clients. All activities are designed to acquire high converting leads and build brand share. Prior to becoming a marketer, Julia managed the corner office projects and activities of Fortune 500 and FP 100 CEO's. Most recently, she has become an accomplished corporate multimedia video producer. She can help your firm improve the quality of your leads and achieve faster ROI for your projects. Julia is also an author, professional speaker and premium online course developer and instructor. She offers her readers and students a philosophical yet highly practical perspective. Her Energy for Your Life and Weight Loss for Your Life books have been bestsellers on Amazon in the U.S. and U.K. Her upcoming book will be Now Time. Julia's given keynotes to business, publishing and self-help leaders in the U.S. and Canada. She's led panels, MC'd and hosted large events, and has run highly interactive workshops and breakout sessions. She's also worked with C-level teams to develop programs for problem solving, executive brainstorming, crisis management and new product development. She's been the speech writer and primary media contact to Fortune 100 CEO's and several billionaires. Julia will blog on topics such as personal energy, weight loss, healthy foods, sleep, and other lifestyle topics. She has run online non-fiction authors' groups, spoke at the Independent Book Publishers Association Publishing University in New York, BookExpo Canada, PodCampToronto, BookCampTO, and is a writer's advocate. She lives in Southern Ontario, Canada. When she's not writing or producing content, she hikes, skis, cooks and enjoys singing karaoke. Despite all the research she does for her books and projects, she still enjoys reading.

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