Energy for Your Life series

Energy for Your Life is a series of books and programs you can use to get, keep and use your personal energy better.  Each book explores ways you can improve your personal energy use patterns.  You’ll also discover how you can use and share your energy in your love, family, work, team and community relationships in your everyday life.


Energy for Your Life:  The Essential Guide to Love Yourself and Your Life by Julia Hidy and Energized Living Multimedia

Energy for Your Life: The Essential Guide by Julia Hidy ebook

Every day, we will use and have to work with our energy.  If you waste too much of your energy, you’ll suffer from exhaustion or ill health.  If you can learn to receive, focus and recycle your energy better, you will find that you recoup energy, time, money, and will improve the quality of your life.

My books and programs will help you convert your personal energy use habits so you will use your energy, time, money, self-esteem and find the happiness and life fulfillment you’ve always known was possible – or want to get back.

I’ve realized is that my quality of life and amount of personal energy I have to use are determined by how I use – or abuse – my own personal resources.  I no longer feel I have to blame anyone or any situation in my life for my energy levels.  I can increase my energy levels now – on demand.  And my philosophy has saved me a lot of problems and heartache.  In truth, it even helped me heal a life-threatening illness.

The books and programs I’ve written can help you get, use and keep more energy for your life too.  The titles are going to be released (or re-released from earlier editions) every few months.  Sign up to get the email notices, special bonus content and discounts as each title comes out.


My latest book, Get More Energy, will take you on an insightful 40-day journey inward.  The first 20 days looks at how you lose energy; and the next 20 days gives you ways to reclaim your energy in all its forms.  You’ll use Socratic methods to ‘observe’ your key relationships, including the relationship you have with yourself.  Get More Energy will start as a blog, and then be released as an e-book in early 2012 with a supporting multimedia program.  If you’ve been tired, ill, chronically exhausted, or fed up, you’ll get a chance to look at and reflect on how you think, feel, react to and engage with the people you share your life with.  The next 20 days allows you to improve, expand, reduce and establish new, more energizing habits in all areas of your life.  Your awareness will become the power you need to give you the energy to change and reshape your life.

I’m at the mid-point of writing, “The Art of Doing Enough,’ and the workbook that will support the book.  I am definitely guilty of doing too much.  I believe I would not have come down with chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia if I’d saved myself from myself, and had read and followed the advice this book explores.  Sometimes we know when and how to stop; and sometimes we need help to save us from ourselves.  This book helps anyone realize when too little is not enough, or you’ve gone past the point of doing enough.  This book will encourage you to pull back when over-giving, doing or thinking too much, or not enough, so you help yourself and practice the realistic and practical art of doing enough.


One day in the mid-1990’s, I thought I’d write a 16-page pamphlet to share with friends who were also suffering from chronic fatigue and clinical exhaustion.  That ‘pamphlet’ morphed into an eight-book series on how people can get, keep and use our personal energy better.

Energy for Your Life was first a workbook I released for my public and private workshops and coaching sessions.  A multi-media version will be re-released in Fall 2012.  Sign up to get your notice and advanced reading copies.


Last year, my first audio book, Instant Energy for Your Life was released to my email list subscribers (sign up here or at my Energy for Your Life contact page to receive free access to it).  I’ve now turned the audio book into an online video program at

You’ll find out how you can recharge your energy over 30 times each day and stay positive for longer and longer periods of time. You’ll discover how you tend to lose – and ways to regain energy – at home, your office, during your commune and more.

Stop losing energy.  And find ways to rebuild your personal energy levels so your quality of life, health and enjoyment of life are constant rather than when you happen to have time.

Practice the ultra-simple techniques from this video course.  When you sign up for my or the email list, you’ll receive a bonus 25 minute audio at no cost.   You’ll be able to change how you feel during your days and discover ways t use your energy better — while you walk, eat, drive, sit in meetings, cook, wash dishes, and whenever you wait.

These are the same techniques that helped me heal from chronic fatigue years ago.  Increase Energy helps you get your energy back by changing your mindset.


We need to have energy to use every second of every day.  My Energy Series of books will help you become the master of your personal life.  I’m working on titles to include foods, health, exercise, sleep and aging gracefully and now even doing business better.  The true fountain of youth is not a myth.  It is available to us all and we can live very well whenever we use our personal energy better.

I’ll share the people, philosophies, attitudes and realizations of the gifted and amazing people I’ve met who’ve given me insights worth sharing.  I’ll release future books, videos, audios, webinars, video courses and apps to help you live in more profound, healthy and meaningful ways.

Here’s to your having all the energy you can ever get, keep and give away.