Julia has provided consulting services to, and has worked with top executives of leading firms throughout North America. She has helped increase these companies’ sales by 20% to 200% a year, and has filled their sales funnels with highly-qualified leads.

Julia is also a multiple bestselling author. Her books and work have been featured in top U.S. magazines such as Women’s World and First for Women. She has also been interviewed on nationally syndicated and major market radio stations.

To find out how more about how your company can successfully compete and rank ahead of world-class firms, or to contact Julia Hidy about her books and courses, contact her at:

juliahidy  [at]


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  1. Craig says:

    Hi Jluia. I am trying to use Calibre for my kindle (I bought the same courdse as you) but where do you start. I have the file converted as webpage but what is step one on calibre. Would appreciate a quick step by step if you have time cheers Craig in NZ

  2. Laura Ellis says:

    Hello Julia …..It is Laura …from Keen this morning….Very interesting and good work !

    I can feel your genuine interest for helping others raise their vibes !

    How versed are you on web-sites ? I had one that was compromised a month ago …I had spent a year developing it and then BOOM …I felt perhaps my soon to be X had a hand in it’s destruction . Anyway , when you have a minute let me know…

    Many Blessings…

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