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Julia Hidy is a consultant to leading B2B and B2C technology developers, firms and entrepreneurs. She has set up and run highly successful marketing and lead generation programs in the U.S., Canada and globally. Her clients have won U.S. national awards and received major media coverage. Julia's agency,, develops and runs fully-integrated multi-media sales, marketing, communications, PR, social media, and digital and print advertising plans for her clients. All activities are designed to acquire high converting leads and build brand share. Prior to becoming a marketer, Julia managed the corner office projects and activities of Fortune 500 and FP 100 CEO's. Most recently, she has become an accomplished corporate multimedia video producer. She can help your firm improve the quality of your leads and achieve faster ROI for your projects. Julia is also an author, professional speaker and premium online course developer and instructor. She offers her readers and students a philosophical yet highly practical perspective. Her Energy for Your Life and Weight Loss for Your Life books have been bestsellers on Amazon in the U.S. and U.K. Her upcoming book will be Now Time. Julia's given keynotes to business, publishing and self-help leaders in the U.S. and Canada. She's led panels, MC'd and hosted large events, and has run highly interactive workshops and breakout sessions. She's also worked with C-level teams to develop programs for problem solving, executive brainstorming, crisis management and new product development. She's been the speech writer and primary media contact to Fortune 100 CEO's and several billionaires. Julia will blog on topics such as personal energy, weight loss, healthy foods, sleep, and other lifestyle topics. She has run online non-fiction authors' groups, spoke at the Independent Book Publishers Association Publishing University in New York, BookExpo Canada, PodCampToronto, BookCampTO, and is a writer's advocate. She lives in Southern Ontario, Canada. When she's not writing or producing content, she hikes, skis, cooks and enjoys singing karaoke. Despite all the research she does for her books and projects, she still enjoys reading.


My blog shares my insights about life, time, energy, marketing, business, and topics that interest me. Future posts will also be about gardening, healthy foods, recipes, how to sleep better (I don’t have this problem but a number of my friends do), and the way the weather affects our lives. I’ll also cover trends in […]

Julia Hidy, bestselling author of Weight Loss for Your Life

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Beyond Recessionary Thinking

For many, recessionary economic times are a challenging, perhaps even sobering time.  It may even feel hard to do business. For others, recessions can be a time to thrive and get better business results – even when others in the same business vertical or category are challenged. All of us can think out-of-the-box.  The problem […]