I’ve been a marketing maven and lead generation expert for leading North American ERP and CMS software developers. Multimedia demand content and PR campaigns I’ve designed and run have appeared in top US and Canadian B2B and B2C magazines, and on major market and syndicated radio and TV programs.

I’m also the author of five bestselling non-fiction self-help books in the U.S. and U.K. in the Energy for Your Life and Weight Loss for Your Life book series.  These days, I’m working on my Get More Sleep Now online video course, community, and supporting books, workbooks, and digital reminder series.

As a company spokesperson for Fortune 500 CEO’s, global entrepreneurs, and boutique capital market SMB’s and software firms, I have perspectives and experiences that help my campaigns eclipse other marketers. My campaigns, content and/or presentations have:

  • won high profile US national awards;
  • been on Google page 1 for highly competitive keywords;
  • regularly secured cover and feature stories; and
  • closed deals even when in competition with major publicly-traded companies.


My clients and employers have received national coverage in top B2B and B2C magazines in the U.S. and Canada. Plus, I’ve worked with radio and TV producers, journalists and hosts to produce articles, advertorials, and shows. I’ve been interviewed and have provided multi-media content to accompany or be the basis of many articles, zines and lead campaigns.



As a consultant and employee, I’ve planned and launched fully-integrated campaigns in North America and globally. My firms improved their profiles, number of qualified leads per campaign, results and successfully competed in their markets – even against must larger and more established competitors, such as SAP, Oracle, IBM and others.

My experiences also include:

  • new product launches for niche and broad markets — locally and/or nationally;
  • setting up partnership programs with firms such as Motorola, HP, IBM, Xerox, etc.;
  • getting high profile speaking slots for myself and other team members;
  • getting top shelf media and analyst coverage; and
  • building or re-building brands.


It Takes More Than A Village

During my career, I’ve set up and managed small (2 to 4 people) to larger (5 to 20 people) teams. I know what it takes to get people to genuinely come together and create a high performance, results-driven and successful team.

People can work together, but it can still be inefficient and certain members can feel unfulfilled. What I know how to do is pull together a team in ways that makes the team much stronger than their individual skills and abilities. That’s how I’m able to get results that will consistently exceed expectations.

With over U.S. $3.5 billion in projects that I’ve managed thus far, I motivate teams beyond what they, as individuals, may perceive are their limitations. I’ve worked with many different types of teams and projects. A few were for:

  • two high net worth individuals’ corporate and personal global projects, including managing teams of lawyers and senior consultants;
  • an 880-seat software implementation at a legal firm with 100% user acceptance; this meant getting 235 lawyers to agree to and do everything within set timelines on a project (try getting two or three lawyers to agree to anything let alone have 235 show up and do things at the same time, and you’ll know why I’m proud of this accomplishment);
  • setting up a new 225-person head office for three technology firms after an amalgamation of assets that became a firm with 19,500 staff in 19 cities without a head office (my project came in ahead of schedule and 15% under budget); and
  • a financial roadshow tour that raised U.S. $225 million in capital in ten days (think Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank but with presentations to top fund managers in two to three cities per day).


Integration is Key

When I develop marketing, sales and business plans, my experience helps me focus and find proven ways to achieve far better results more quickly.

Although I’m often hired as a marketer and content creator, I’m often asked to contribute to business ideas and be a sounding board for company expansion, amalgamation, sales, and other plans and direction as well.  I’ve also:

  • refined and refreshed brands;
  • reworked companies’ sales’ funnels to be more streamlined and effective; and
  • worked with developers to improve their product offerings.

The other reason I excel at marketing is that I’m far more aware of a company’s bottom-line, and realize that getting marketing results will only ever be as good as the sales that are closed.  I focus on getting high quality leads that can lead to profit-generating revenues. I also try to get results with fast ROI that will improve team and management results overall — year-over-year.


It’s a Digital World After All

Video, audio, digital content and .xml, .html and .php now rule the world.  I know how to create and leverage all forms of digital content so that prospects, readers, viewers, and listeners can become engaged in the ways and at the times that they prefer.

As a multimedia producer, I’m able to record, edit and present content that can further introduce or reinforce marketing messages.  As a PR, SEO and social media  expert, I develop campaigns that build and leverage existing client results with prospects so they can ‘see,’ ‘hear’ and realize the potential and jump into a sales funnel vs. staying at arms’ length.

I also enjoy working with the media, and have many editors and publishers I count as personal friends.  As a writer, editors know that I understand and respect what they do.  They know I’ll go out of my way to make sure they get their article to press with plenty of time to spare. As a multimedia and visual producer, graphics’ professionals appreciate that I will deliver what they need in the exact formats so they spend time hand holding other marketers who are not as savvy or knowledgeable.

Clients also enjoy working with me because I will go the extra mile to ensure that they will be well represented by the media, have a positive interview experience, and will be able to take the media coverage they receive to their top management and to the bank.

I’ve literally worked with a who’s who of marketing.  In advertising, I’ve worked with Ford, Pepsico, Burger King, top global hotel chains, Bank of Montreal, Alberto Culver, Mars (Bars), and many others.

I’ve worked on the client marketing side with Liptons, Manulife, a large Royal Bank subsidiary, and Molsons.

I’ve led marketing campaigns for technology firms with clients such as Honda, Wine Library (Gary Veynerchuk), the US’ largest food importer, and Motorola, among others.

What I know: When one manager sees that other clients have received great media coverage, case studies, and/or have spoken at high profile industry events, it’s easy to get other present and future clients onside to promote and get traction for your solutions’ and products’ benefits.


Gap Buster

Usually, companies I’ve worked with think they have a marketing problem.  That may be the case, but often, it turns out that there are gaps in their lead generation programs, digital and print collateral and presentations that lead to sales.  I have been able to identify and fill in these gaps.

Then, I round out the quality of marketing activities, content, and collateral until prospects can be reached in a variety of effective ways to be drawn into and moved through your sales’ funnel more quickly.

As a marketer, I often go well beyond what a prospect thinks they need to provide them with insights as to what they really want – from their solution, implementation and customer service.

I also help firms become a best-of-breed provider – whether they are a small boutique firm, or are a well-funded, publicly-traded giant. My depth of experience as a highly successful manager, project manager, client service and relationship specialist ensure that my projects and campaigns will work and will get the desired results.

My plans have placed millions of dollars onto companies’ bottom lines — whether they were elite technology developers, synchronized global supply chain ERP, retail ERP, networking solutions, content management solutions, and more.  I’ve helped companies become top-of-mind vendors in their vertical and horizonal markets.

For more about what I can do for your firm, contact me.  You can also visit JuliaHidyMarketing.com.


Author and Content Creator

After working on $3.5 billion in projects and teams, I’d identified the way most people used or abused their personal energy.  After writing many speeches, reports, presentations, and letters, I wanted to see if I could write a book.

What started out as one book soon became a series.  Seven books and five U.S. and U.K. bestselling titles later, I’ve found my voice as an author, which is different from my marketing and corporate voice.

My first bestselling book, Energy for Your Life:  Seven Energy Giving Habits, helps readers find out where and why they tend to ‘leak’ energy.  Other books in my Energy for Your Life series – Be Positive and Think Positive – have also become amazon bestsellers.

I was featured in the US’ third largest print magazine, First for Women, for my diet book, Weight Loss for Your Life: The Stop Cravings’ Diet. The companion book, Weight Loss for Your Life:  101 Foods from A to Z Most Likely to Cause Cravings, was a bestseller in the U.S. last year.  I’ve done many high profile radio interviews, given live webinar workshops, and been a consultant to other authors and small publishers. I’ve established myself as a publishing and book marketing expert in the U.S. and Canada.

Writing books has given me a unique perspective as a B2B and B2C content creator and marketer.  I’ve now coached hundreds of authors to become self publishers, spoken at top U.S. and Canadian publishing and multimedia producer events, and have met great people.