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I’m a best selling author as well as a senior marketing and lead generation consultant.  I’m also a multimedia content creator.  I’ve often been the lead company spokesperson for C.E.O.’s and Presidents.  I’ve also been interviewed by top print, radio and TV editors, journalists and hosts in the U.S. and Canada as both a self-help author and as a business expert.


My boutique marketing agency, JuliaHidyMarketing.com has developed and launched many fully-integrated existing and new product launch marketing plans and campaigns in North America and globally.  I have helped my clients become leaders or notably improve their market share in their respective verticals.

I’ve also managed the people, teams and resources for U.S. $3.5 billion in projects for:

  • two high net worth individuals’ corporate and personal projects globally;
  • an 880-seat software implementation with zero room for timing or programming errors that came in on time and on budget;
  • a 225-person design / build project for Canada’s largest document processor that was completed ahead of schedule, on budget and without compromise to the quality of the project; and
  • a 10-day finance roadshow tour that raised U.S. $225 million.

When I develop marketing, sales and business plans,  I ensure I take a fully-integrated approach.  I can usually save my clients money and achieve better results far more quickly.

Although my clients hire me as their marketer and content creator, they often ask me to refine or update their brand, fill their sales’ funnel with leads, and find new ways to boost their bottom-lines.  I’ve also helped firms streamline their business  and sales’ processes so they can improve their teams’ and management results year-over-year.

As a multimedia producer, I’m able to record, edit and present content that can further introduce or reinforce other marketing messages.  As a PR, SEO and social media  expert, I like to develop campaigns that build and leverage existing client results with prospects and existing clients.  I also help build and work with the media to showcase the company in the best possible light to existing and future clients by producing audios and videos.

Usually, companies I’ve worked with think they have a marketing problem when they really have gaps in their sales, lead generation and/or customer service processes that ought to be addressed first.

The marketing plans I create and roll out ensure every team member can be more productive.

I often go well beyond what the client thinks they need and provide them with what their customers really want from them. I also ensure my clients become a best-of-breed provider – even if they’re a small company and compete with well-funded, publicly-traded giants. My experiences as a highly successful manager, project manager, and client relationship specialist help projects go into production.

My plans have saved or placed millions of dollars onto companies’ bottom lines for elite technology developers, global supply chain, ERP retail and other vertical and horizonal markets.  For services offered, visit JuliaHidyMarketing.com.

Author and Content Creator

In the 1990’s, I found out that l had chronic fatigue syndrome.  Despite that, I didn’t miss a single day of work due to the CFS – even when I was sleeping 12 hours for almost a year.  I now have the antibodies for the CFS virus and have not had a problem since.

The $3.5 billion in projects I’d worked on were equally split between before I was diagnosed with the CFS, and after my diagnosis and healing period.

How did I recover even though three M.D.’s told me I wouldn’t ever get my energy levels back? I found holistic, natural practitioners whose treatments allowed me to rebuild my immune system. I changed what I ate. I also began to think differently and rewired how I use my brain so that I react and do things differently than I had before.

What I learned as I healed became the basis for my first bestselling book, Energy for Your Life:  Seven Energy Giving Habits. My three other books in my Energy for Your Life series, Be Positive, Be Equal and Think Positive, have also become amazon.com bestsellers in the U.S. and in the U.K.

Recently, I was featured in the third largest U.S. print magazine, First for Women, for my diet book, Weight Loss for Your Life: The Stop Cravings’ Diet. The companion book, Weight Loss for Your Life:  101 Foods from A to Z Most Likely to Cause Cravings, has also been well received in the U.S.

I’m a philosopher, business sage and believe that we have many gifts to share.  The greatest gift we have is to be happy, productive and to share high quality energy with others.



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