I write books that give readers ways to shift their perspectives about the ways they experience their lives.

My Energy for Your Life series helps people consider the pivotal way they enhance or drop their personal energy levels – based on what they think about and how they feel.

In my Weight Loss for Your Life books, I share the best ways to remove foods that cause inflammation in our bodies. The remarkable thing is how good you feel when you’re on a diet. You stop having cravings, don’t get cranky, and actually start to have far more energy than you did when you were eating the problematic foods.

Five of my seven books have been bestsellers in the U.S.; two in the U.K.  My books are also available in 190 other countries via and


Now Time:  The New Now

I’m currently working on my latest book, “Now Time:  The New Now.”  Many people struggle to live in their now moments.  The problem is that people are focused on using their energy in ways that makes it difficult to experience, let alone enjoy, their now time.

In this book, I look at the ways we steal our own time  from ourselves.  This book will also become an online video course.  I’ll create the video course as I’m writing my book.

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Here’s a summary of the e-books I’ve published:

  • Energy for Your Life:  Seven Energy-Giving Habits
  • Energy for Your Life:  Be Positive
  • Energy for Your Life:  Be Positive (Enhanced Edition)
  • Energy for Your Life:  Think Positive
  • Energy for Your Life:  Be Equal
  • Weight Loss for Your Life:  The Stop Cravings’ Diet
  • Weight Loss for Your Life:  101 Foods that Cause Cravings

Titles that will be published soon are:

  • Now Time:  The New Now
  • Increase Energy:  Become More Positive More Often (already available as an online course)
  • Energy for Your Life:  31 Days to Receive More Energy
  • Energy for Your Life:  31 Days to Keep More Energy
  • Energy for Your Life:  31 Days to Sharing Your Energy Better
  • Writing a Book Series:  For Branding, Profits, Getting Media and Having Fun

My courses are available on