I have developed the marketing and lead generation campaigns for top Canadian B2B and B2C software developers and companies so they could make more sales in North America and globally.

Earlier in my career, I managed large projects and stakeholder relations for noted Fortune 500 and Financial Post 100 CEO’s. I was often also the President’s speechwriter, proposal author, and media designate. Thus, I’m able to create and execute marketing campaigns that attract, brand and draw key players and budget holders into your sales’ funnel. This has allowed me to improve conversions with decision-makers.

I’ve also set up and managed successful partnership programs with top firms.

I make it easier for your sales’ team by engaging and informing their target prospects. By creating compelling content, I’ve been able to consistently provide Sales with high quality, pre-qualified leads so they can do what they do best:  sell.

I’ve also rebuilt and refined sales’ funnels to make them more dynamic, interactive, and profitable. My campaigns have added tens of millions of dollars in additional revenues and garnered high profile media and analyst coverage for my employers and clients.

I’ll develop and/or produce multi-media content to get the desired message across.  I’ve also developed highly visible media and social media campaigns. I’ve taken brands from low or no awareness to being listed as top companies in their verticals within only a few months.

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I’ve had fun becoming a five time bestselling, and author. My books were written to help readers experience their lives in new and better ways.

My work has been featured in top U.S. consumer magazines.  I’ve also appeared on nationally syndicated radio shows, and been covered by top bloggers.  My books are available in 190 countries and will soon be listed in the iBooks’ store.

I've been featured in top national magazines available at most supermarkets and drug stores in Canada and the U.S.
I’ve been featured in top consumer magazines and syndicated radio shows.

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My business and lifestyle courses are available at, one of the US’ largest online course providers.  I’ll begin to give group webinar workshops again in Fall 2015.

Click here to sign up so you can be part of my future online events.  You’ll also get to meet others who are interested in improving the way they use their time and energy.  You can never have too much energy, and it’s always good to remind ourselves to enjoy the time that we do have.



I’ll start blogging again in Summer 2015.  This time, I’ll be writing about my latest book, Now Time, and how and why we tend to steal time from ourselves.  I’ll also blog about topics I’ve covered in my other books on our personal energy use habits, healthy foods and weight loss.

Since I’m a resource for marketers, businesses, video and audio producers, and book publishers, I’ll also blog about the topics and trends I see as so many people ask me questions in these areas.

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I look forward to sharing my ideas with you.