I’ve designed and run marketing campaigns for top Canadian B2B and B2C software developers and firms to compete successfully in North America and globally.  After running the corner offices and managing large projects for Fortune 500 and Financial Post 100 CEO’s, I know what it takes to create content and value propositions so that key decision-makers will want to know more and purchase your product and from your firm.

The C-level content, speeches and presentations I write are done in a way that it will appeal to the majority of users and stakeholders.  But I know what it takes to sway C-level and/or technical leaders so they will want to know more and speak to your sales’ team.  My campaigns have added tens of millions of dollars in additional revenues and garnered high profile media and analyst coverage for my employers and clients.  Plus, I’ve generated fast ROI.

I’m also able to refine firms’ digital and traditional sales funnels, create integrated multi-media campaigns, and boost brand awareness and cache industry-wide.

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My books help readers experience their lives in new and better ways.  Five of the seven books I’ve written have been and bestsellers.  My work has been featured in top U.S. consumer magazines, nationally syndicated radio shows, and online.  My books are available in 190 countries and will soon be in the iBooks’ store.

I've been featured in top national magazines available at most supermarkets and drug stores in Canada and the U.S.

I’ve been featured in top national magazines.

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I’m creating lifestyle and business courses on, one of the US’ largest online course providers.

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I’m about to start blogging on this site to explore and expand on the topics I write about in my books — personal energy habits, healthy foods and weight loss, and ways to use and perceive time better.

I’ll also share my ideas and resources for marketing, business, video and audio production, and book publishing, along with the personal development topics.

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