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Julia Hidy is the bestselling author of Weight Loss for Your Life: The Amazing Girlfriends’ Diet. She wrote Weight Loss for Your Life after her friends encouraged her to share the diet that she’d used to lose 70 pounds over ten months in 2012.

Julia lost the weight although she was in menopause:

    o without counting calories;
    o without exercising; and
    o without eating expensive pre-made meal plans.

    Weight Loss for Your Life:  The Amazing Girlfriends' Diet Stop Cravings to Get & Stay Healthy Every Day ebook cover by Julia Hidy

    Julia Hidy's ebook to help you stop cravings and get and stay healthy every day

    Julia’s second book in her Weight Loss for Your Life series is also currently available. The companion book to Weight Loss for Your Life offers readers a way to shop to easily find and know which foods will most likely cause them to increase the cravings they experience.

    Julia Hidy's second Weight Loss for Your Life series book:  The Amazing Girlfriends' Diet:  101 Foods from A to Z Most Likely To Cause Cravings Every Day

    Find out which foods have caused you to fail on your diets

    Future Books

    Julia’s next book in her Weight Loss for Your Life series is: 101 Foods Least Likely to Cause Cravings. She will post excerpts from her next Weight Loss book in her blog. She also offers menu planning ideas that she will email to you if you subscribe to her Weight Loss series mailing list. Fill out contact form on this site and request weight loss meal plan to receive.

    Julia is currently editing her next book, The Art of Doing Enough.  This book helps you consider when is too much too much, and how to know when you’ve done too little.

    Many people find they often do too much. They’ve created habits that cause them to feel obligations, control or emotions that result in their suffering from stress and resulting poor health. Often they realize their life has become unbalanced, but they don’t how to stop them selves before they do too much.  Concurrently, they often do too little in other areas of their life and another form of stress and even guilt results.

    As some people chronically do to much, others constantly do too little. The Art of Doing Enough will help you realize quickly and more realistically when you have reached the point where you have done enough.

    The Art oF Doing Enough:  Find Harmony to Reduce Stress, Get Things Done, Feel Fullfilled and Be Happy e-book by Julia Hidy

    The Art of Doing Enough e-book by Julia Hidy

    In the Art of Doing Enough, Julia Hidy explores what it takes to balance our energy, time and the effort needed to do, enjoy and master doing enough to be beneficial for all concerned.

    Julia is also writing, Business to Business Sales Online:  Websites, a website checklist to help companies and entrepreneurs sell their products and services from three-dimensional, rather than a two dimensional websites. Her book is based on experiences from her extensive technology marketing consulting practice. She cites the best ways to improve “bounce” rates and improve online search results and visitor engagement. Under her direction, Julia’s clients have sold millions of dollars of additional products and services, won U.S. national awards, and garnered press coverage from top magazines and journalists. In each case, Julia worked with her client to improve their sales by improving their online content.

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